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Mercer Technologies - designers & fabricators of industrial cooking pans, conveyors and spirals, titan slicers and cheese equipment for Australia.

For more than 130 years Mercer have been working with food processing industries designing, developing and manufacturing a range of varied and specialised processing, mixing and cooking vessels. Building on the combined expertise of Mercer Technologies, Mercer Stainless, Mercer Medical and the Mercer Research & Development division, has resulted in Mercer compiling a full range of process vessels.

Mercer’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality has made us an international leader in the design and manufacture of innovative engineering solutions for all industries.

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Mercer Auspack 2015 Melbourne

Mercer just completed Auspack 2015 from March 24th - 27th in Melbourne. A great show which was well attended, ...


Industrial Cooking Systems
  • Steam jacketed kettles with lid & access options
  • Steam jacketed pressure vessels
  • Transfer vessels
  • Braising Pans
  • Boiling pans
  • Jacketed chilling vessels
Additional equipment may include:
  • Chilling & cooling systems; in vessel, spiral conveyor, tumble chiller, cooling tunnels
  • Product transfer & conveyor systems
  • Pasteurizing conveyors and tunnels
  • Pre or post blending
  • Cutting systems (slicing)
  • Bin tipping systems
  • Stainless bins & trollies
  • Feeding by weight systems
  • Platforms and access ways
  • Design & project management